NETmundial Initiative Transitional Council Answers in Response to the ICC BASIS Letter [12 Dec 2014]


Welcoming the ICC Basis letter the NETmundial Initiative's Transitional Committee received on 30th November 2014, the Transitional Committee held a call on 8th December with ICC Basis members to discuss the concerns this correspondence outlined. Following this discussion, the Transitional Committee drafted a written response to questions and concerns.

Recording of 3rd Transitional Committee Meeting - 11 December 2014

Recording of the NETmundial Initiative's 3rd Transitional Committee meeting is available on the NETmundial Initiative Archive page, along with recordings of all previous meetings and related materials.


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The launch of the NETmundial Initiative on 6 November 2014 marked an important step forward in support of our shared vision and commitment for a healthy and evolving distributed Internet governance ecosystem.


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