Akinori Maemura

Academia, Technical Community, and Foundations, Asia & Oceania – Japan Network Information Center

Akinori MAEMURA is currently the General Manager of the Internet Development Department at the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC). He began his career in the Internet industry in 1994, designing a nation-wide IP network operated by the NEC Corporation. He has been involved in the Japanese Internet Community as a founding member of the steering committee of JANOG (Japan Network Operators Group), in JPNIC activities in its IP address management business as a committee member and as the Trustee-in-charge, as well as in other capacities.  After working for the France Telecom Group from 2000 to 2007, he joined JPNIC as General Manager of the IP Department. He has been a member of the APNIC Executive Council since 2000, a visiting research fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) since 2007, and the Director of the JPCERT Coordination Center since 2014.

Diverse, global participation is a necessary component that embodies the NETmundial spirit and the multistakeholder, bottom-up approach endorsed as the way forward in improving the existing Internet governance framework. The global Internet community is invited to contribute proposals or ideas for distributed Internet governance. Contribute here.