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NETmundial Initiative Announces Launch of Community Consultation for the Development of Its Terms of Reference

Today the NETmundial Initiative announced the launch of the community consultation phase for the development of the Initiative's Terms of Reference. All interested parties are invited to provide input on a set of questions relating to the Initiative’s purpose, scope and organization. 

The input collected during this initial phase (from 2-16 February 2015) will help inform the first draft of the Terms of Reference. The draft document will then be made available for public comment and further discussion from 2-16 March 2015. The Council will discuss the adoption of the document at its first gathering on 31 March 2015.

Your contributions are very welcome and can be MADE HERE. Submitted contributions can be VIEWED HERE

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Diverse, global participation is a necessary component that embodies the NETmundial spirit and the multistakeholder, bottom-up approach endorsed as the way forward in improving the existing Internet governance framework. The global Internet community is invited to contribute proposals or ideas for distributed Internet governance. Contribute here.