NETmundial Initiative Support & Engagement for Community Project Proposals

Note: This document will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the input received from the broader community. 



The NETmundial Initiative (“Initiative”) will provide a platform for collaboration, cooperation and solicitation of Internet governance project proposals. 

This document describes the processes by which project proposals can be submitted and further advanced via this platform. 

Outlined below are: 
A. Factors to be considered in project facilitation. 
B. The process for submitting project proposals by the global Internet community. 
C. Potential modes of Initiative engagement on submitted proposals. 

A. Factors to be Considered in Proposal Facilitation 

The NETmundial Initiative will provide a platform to catalyze practical cooperation between  stakeholders  to address Internet governance issues and advance the implementation of the NETmundial Principles and Roadmap. The Initiative’s primary aim is to elevate and foster global support for the bottom-up proposals submitted through the platform. In doing so, the Initiative will adhere to the NETmundial process Principles of openness and inclusiveness. 

All proposals must, at a minimum: 

i. Demonstrate alignment with the NETmundial Principles 
ii. Articulate how activities relate to the mission and scope of the Initiative, as outlined in the ToR.
iii. Indicate that project authors are willing to engage in regular public reporting and updating. 

B. Process for Submitting Project Proposals  

The process for submitting community project proposals is intended to foster inclusive, effective, innovative engagement and participation. Projects may be submitted on the Platform at anytime. 

To ensure a fully transparent and bottom-up process, the following steps for project submission will also be utilized:

  1. Proposal Template: Project authors will be asked to complete a template which will demonstrate: (i) alignment with the NETmundial Principles; (ii) how activities relate to the mission and scope of the Initiative, as outlined in the ToR; and, (iii) willingness to engage in regular public reporting and updating. 
  2. Community Response: Enable crowdsourced and expert review, and community response to submitted proposals.   
  3. Community Engagement: Convene events, where possible at existing fora, to allow proposal authors to present their proposals to new partners and potential funders. 

C. Potential Modes of Initiative Engagement with Proposals Submitted on the Platform 

All project requests and proposals will be acknowledged upon submission and reviewed by members of the Secretariat and Coordination Council within 30 days to ensure that the minimum requirements outlined above are met.   

In order to: 
--enable cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders; 
--increase visibility of proposals, including vis-à-vis potential funders; 
--catalyze project support for developing country communities, governments and underserved stakeholders; 
--and advance the implementation of the NETmundial Principles and Roadmap,
The Initiative may consider engagement in ways such as those listed below: 

  1. Provide and promote the use of a platform on which diverse actors can solicit project partners and establish collaborative relationships. 
  2. Publicize project needs and desired outcomes, as determined by project authors in consultation with the community, including through outreach at various relevant Internet governance fora, such as the IGF, through webinars, and other opportunities.    
  3. Serve as a catalyst and facilitator to help fund proposals. 
  4. Convene events and promote opportunities at which project authors can pitch their proposals to potential funders, foundations, philanthropists, etc. 
  5. Encourage community efforts and leverage networks to facilitate provision of expertise and project support for developing country communities, governments and underserved stakeholders.   
  6. Provide tools for project authors to report on progress and continued adherence to the NETmundial process Principles. 

D. Transparency

Any Council member with a relationship to a proposed project or a potential conflict of interest shall declare it.  

E. Further Review and Development of the Initiative’s Project Support and Engagement Procedures

A sub-group of Council will review the procedures outlined above, the functionality of the platform and responses to the public call for comment on this document. Based on this review they will make recommendations for improving the platform and further development of the procedures. 


La participación global y diversa es un componente esencial tanto del espíritu de NETmundial como del enfoque multisectorial y desde las bases avalado como el curso de acción a seguir para mejorar el marco actual de gobernanza de Internet. La comunidad global de Internet está invitada a presentar propuestas e ideas para generar y construir coaliciones dinámicas, y desarrollar facilitadores/soluciones para una gobernanza de Internet distribuida. Presente sus contribuciones aquí.