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Help shape the future of the NETmundial Initiative by getting involved in these initial efforts, and check back as new ways to contribute become available.

Embrace the NETmundial Principles

Sign your name as a public advocate of the NETmundial principles.

Embrace the NETmundial Principles


Contribute Project Proposals

The Initiative's primary aim is to elevate and foster global support for the bottom-up proposals submitted through the platform. In doing so, the Initiative will adhere to the NETmundial process Principles of openness and inclusiveness.

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NETMundial Solutions Map

Help crowdsource the content of the NETmundial Solutions Map, an effort aimed at enabling collaboration around Internet governance issues. Check it out and contribute to its development

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Diverse, global participation is a necessary component that embodies the NETmundial spirit and the multistakeholder, bottom-up approach endorsed as the way forward in improving the existing Internet governance framework. The global Internet community is invited to contribute proposals or ideas for distributed Internet governance. Contribute here.