-Sources of proposed ToR for the NETmundial Initiative by Richard Hill
 JAN 6 Letter | JAN 10 Letter with Sources
-Transitional Committee Answers in Response to the ICC BASIS Letter | 12 DEC 2014

-Commitment Letter from the Government of Costa Rica to Host Council Meeting | 2 FEB 2015
-Christopher Wilkinson re: Initiative, Governance, IGF, NETmundial Initiative | 17 FEB 2015

NETmundial São Paulo Meeting 
In the same year that World Wide Web celebrated 25 years, Brazil hosted the NETmundial Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance in April 2014. Read more. 

NETmundial Geneva-Inspired Event
The Geneva event brought together stakeholders to discuss potential goals and objectives of the Initiative. Watch event here

NETmundial Initiative Conceptual Framing
The organizing partners discuss the goals and objectives of the Initiative. Watch remarks here

NETmundial Initiative Memorandum of Cooperation Between Organizing Partners 
The document outlines the commitments made by the organizing partners to enable the Initiative through its startup phase. View the document here

NETmundial Initiative Launch Press Release | 6 NOV 2014
Governance advocates see crowd-sourcing as way to fix Internet ills | 6 NOV 2014, Reuters
Afilias Endorses the NETmundial Initiative | 6 NOV 2014, Business Wire

全球多样化参与是构成推进现有互联网治理框架不断发展的NETmundial精神和自下而上的多利益相关方模型的关键组成部分。为了引入并构建分散式互联网治理的动态联盟,制定促成机制/解决方案,我们现诚邀全球互联网社群积极参与进来,踊跃提交提案或理念。 请点击此处提交提案。